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Introducing an exciting new idea from DENTAL-HYGIENE.

 keep smilingThe removable Appliance Kit gives the patients everything that they need to properly care for their denture, partial, night guard or retainer. Each kit is in a handsome, re-usable draw string bag and contains:

1. DENTAL-HYGIENE Sonic Denture Machine

2. 12-Packet-Box DENTAL-HYGIENE   Concentrated Prostetic Cleaner

3. Soft Cleaning Brush

Made of high impact styrene plastic, the Sonic Denture Maschine is the perfect place to store, protect and clean any removable prostesis. Use with the DENTAL-HYGIENE Concentrated Prosthetic Cleaner for just 10 - 15 minutes per day to keep the appliance looking clean and new. The removable denture cup is dish washer save. The DENTAL-HYGIENE Concentrated Cleaner is a fabulous calaulus remover. This non chlorinated product will quickly and effectively clean and deodorize old and new removables, and is save to use on all soft relins. Coffee, tea, tobacco, fruit and iron Stains are removed safely and easily. The cleaning Brush is designed with soft bristes which will removed debris without harming the hard acrylic or soft relins.